Hebrew Script Writing Practice – Escritura hebrea Práctica de Escritura

It is very important to learn the script font, which is used for writing by hand. It is faster to write in script than it is to write in print (block)!

Es muy importante para aprender la fuente de la escritura, que se utiliza para escribir a mano. Es más rápido que escribir en letra de lo que es escribir en la impresión (bloque)!

1-Script Worksheet

2-Script Worksheet 3-Script Worksheet

Hebrew Script Writing Practice Page 4 Corrected

5-Script Worksheet

Print and ScriptPrint – Script Fonts Chart Source: http://www.levsoftware.com/alefbet.htm


2 responses

  1. Yo, native speaker Israeli here. Why is the final Fei crossed out and replaced with a design that I (personally) have never seen in my life? In the image at the bottom of the post you use this weird letter too.
    Isareli born and raised and my final Fei is like what you have crossed out.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, David. I have received differing opinions concerning the final Fei.

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